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1967 Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson M-65S "Sport"

We are currently in the process of restoring a 1967 Aermacchi /
Harley-Davidson model M-65S "Sport". They started calling them the
"Leggero" model in 1970.  We have managed to acquire most all of the
OEM Dealer Optional Accessories for this model, as listed in the 1967/68
OEM Optional Accessories Catalogs and the OEM Factory Parts Catalog.

The OEM Optional Accessories list includes the following parts:
(Click on each link separately to view the Catalog pages, in .jpg format)
OEM H-D #                 Diagram
page                             page
49002-68                Engine Guard
53430-65                Pillion Seat
53405-67                Luggage Carrier
65799-67                High-Rise Exhaust
90898-65                Saddle Bag Brackets
58006-65A             Windshield Kit

Here is an excellent photo of a "BONE STOCK" 1967 M-65S "Sport",
the same way the Harley-Davidson Museum & Archives Conservator has
informed us they were originally shipped from Italy.
Figured it out yet ?

Not even The Harley-Davidson Museum & Archives Conservator could locate any
photos of this production model bike "WITH" the Optional Accessories in place.
The photos of the model shown in the 1967 OEM Accessories catalog, with a few
of these parts in place, is actually a 1965 M-50. We were also informed by the H-D
Museum Conservator that they most likely just re-used the same photos from the
previous years catalogs since they are the exact same parts that fit on the 1965 -
1967  "M" series models. The 1968 Accessories Catalog contains the same
photos, but in color.

The H-D Museum Conservator also informed us that since the bikes were
shipped crated from Italy "Bone Stock" and the Optional Accessories were
manufactured elsewhere, then photographed here in a studio, Rarely did they
both ever meet. Usually not until they were separately purchased from a
Harley-Davidson dealership by the bikes owner. Records show there was 3,267 of
the 1967 M-65S model produced.
None of the photos on this page are of
our bike. They are just an assortment
of photos we have located, mostly
online, for reference purposes.
If any of these photos are of your bike
we would like to say "Thank You"
for helping us with our Aermacchi /
Harley-Davidson  jigsaw puzzle bike.
Our bike photos can be seen on the
"About Us"
page on this site.
Here are the photos & original advertisements we have located so far.
They all show at least one of these parts installed on M series models.
By now you should have a good idea of what we
are looking for. Find it for us and your CD is....    
100% FREE !!!   (shipping included by us).

Best of Luck to You,
Sunnymead Cycles
1967 M-65S "Sport"
1966 M-50 w/ High Exhaust & Luggage Carrier
1966 M-50S "Bone Stock"
1965 M-50 w/ Luggage Seat,
Saddlebags & Windshield
1967 OEM Optional Accessories Catalog
Click here to view
the entire catalog
in Adobe .pdf
10 MB
1966 M-50 w/ Windshield & Luggage Seat
1966 M50-S w/ highrise exhaust
1967 M65-S  w/ windshield & saddlebags
1967 M-65S  
w/ Highrise Exhaust
1965 M-50 Advertisement
1967 M-65 Advertisement
Click Here for Saddlebag
mounting instructions
1966 M50's
Click Here for Windshield
mounting instructions
Actual 1966 M-50S shipping crate